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Our work cuts across different thematic areas. Uncover the links and how our research explores and learns from these interconnections


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IDS' new directions for future research on gender & sexuality

Considering the positive and negative influences of current trends on progress or regress in sexual and gender justice terms - and conceiving of directionality and dynamics within complex adaptive social systems - we have built on past areas of strong work to identify four priority streams for further investigation in the coming years:

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  • Men and masculinities for equality, peace and justice
  • Gender, sexuality and digital development
  • Sexuality and poverty

Download the report and help us build a new research agenda for change

Read our blog on the need for a fresh agenda for advancing women's rights and gender equality in turbulent times.




Six new publications by IDS explore how economic transition in Egypt, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine has been experienced by different groups of men, and its impacts on gender relations.  They con

Reframing men and boys in policy for gender equality – Learning Lab

Materials from the webinar, Reframing men and boys in policy for gender equality, on July 20 2016 are now available.

Final EMERGE blog: Reframing gender equality - should men and boys be in the picture?

In this final blog of the series, Thea Shahrokh discusses the vision of the EMERGE project - a better approach to working with men, boys and masculinities in policy on gender equality for the futu

EMERGE blog 8: Collective struggle and sustainable change for economic and gender justice

In this blog, Thea Shahrokh and Alan Greig discuss the work of Nijera Kori, a national social movement in Bangladesh fighting for the rights of landless people.

  • credit: Elissa Jobson//rainbowethiopia1 wordpress


    Beki Aby is a leader in the LGBT community in Ethiopia. In 2013 he co-founded DANA Social Club, an informal collective that advocates for LGBT rights and provides members with support and information. Cheryl Overs, at the Institute of Development Studies, interviews him about the situation in Ethiopia which to date has not been ‘on the radar’ of international organisations and activists.

  • 安卓蓝火丁破解

    BLOG: Responding to the UK parliamentary report on global LGBT rights

    The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights (APPG LGBT) has published its first wide-ranging report on the UK Government’s thinking and their proposed activities to address a complex subject. Stephen Wood draws out some of the promising developments and highlights areas where we need a further push for clarity and practical action.

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    We are delighted to announce the new Gender, Sexuality & Faith toolkit, a free resource to support faith leaders and communities working to promote social justice in relation to gender and sexuality. It includes information on Terminology, Key issues, Case studies and Activities, developed as a joint initiative with Sonke Gender Justice, the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies and the Institute of Development Studies.

  • 安卓蓝火丁破解

    BLOG: Exploring the relationship between gender, sexuality & social justice

    This blog post by Kay Lalor explores the recently published IDS Edited Collection and why the context of the law matters to the lived experiences of criminalisation and discriminatory practice, in relation to gender, sexuality and social justice.

  • A person sits in a doorway.

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    Sexual and gender justice may refer to the law but this is far from all it encompasses. A new Edited Collection from IDS entitled Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice: What’s Law Got to Do with It? calls for ‘other ways of thinking’ about how to advance sexuality and gender justice.


Drawing on evidence from our 126 short case studies, we produced four videos re-telling the stories of real women’s experiences trying to balance the demands of the family and the home with the need to earn an income. In these films, their stories have been adapted into a script, anonymised and narrated by an actor. The photos are from the region where the women are from, but not of the women or their families, themselves.

Each country experience is different, and the women also have different family set ups, but there are recurring themes throughout, around the long-hours work, the back-breaking drudgery and nature of the work, the paucity or absence of support and help. 

First video stories published

Our first two video stories from India and Rwanda are now live, compiling aspects of women's daily work into compelling visuals and first-person narratives.

Poorly paid, backbreaking jobs on top of caring for families leave women drained not empowered

The new global synthesis report 'No Time to Rest' is now launched. It finds that national and local level women’s economic empowerment initiatives in developing countries are failing to capture the full physical, emotional and economic costs to women of balancing paid work with unpaid care duties.  It warns that unless the backbreaking drudgery of water carrying, fuel collection, cooking and caring is urgently addressed future global progress on women’s rights and gender equality could stall.

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Emerging findings from an IDS-led project on Balancing unpaid care work and paid work, part of the global Growth and Equal Opportunities for Women programme (GrOW), has thrown fresh insights into women’s “double-burden” – the responsibility assigned to them of being primarily responsible for care in their home and the need to earn income. 

Case studies provide a ground-level view of the physical, emotional and mental toll on individual women’s lives resulting from long hours spent on back-breaking unpaid household chores, such as collecting and carrying firewood, caring for children or the sick and elderly, and (often manual) paid work such as stone-breaking.

Hindi comic strips share the message

As part of the uptake for this research, the Alliance for Right to Early Childhood Development in India have created two comic strips exploring 蓝火丁官网 and recognition for womens unpaid work. In Hindi, with translations in English.